Attention Grabbing Wall Art Decor For The Home and Office

Wall Art DecorWall26 Watercolor Fine Art World Map – Rustic Wood Panel Painting – Canvas Art Home Decor – 16x24 inches

Wall art decor refers to the decorations we place on the walls in our living spaces.

It doesn’t matter whether your wall art is in the home or office, you will want to be surrounded by a theme that resonates with your personality.

Wall art can be almost anything that you decide to put on your wall.

However, decorating walls that look awesome requires a unique creative talent in my opinion.

It’s my opinion that when you have a passion for designing, the look of your walls will portray a theme. Generally this theme brings out your inner creativity and shows your personality throughout your home & office.

Did you know that wall art really helps to brighten up your mood when your art speaks to you!

The good news is that designing your walls with art pieces that compliment your personality style in each room is a talent that anyone can quickly adapt to quite easily.

With the help of some of these awesome wall art pieces I will show you below you’ll be well on your way to impressing family and friends with your creative talent.

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Designing the look of your walls is really not that hard to do as long as you know what colors and themes your looking for in your chosen art pieces.

Yes, finding the best wall art for each and every room that compliments your overall color scheme and ambience can be a difficult task to fulfill. There is no hurry here so take your time, look around and make sure that you find the art pieces that you’l love.

It doesn’t need to be a chore…make it fun and you’ll be surprised at what you are capable of finding or even creating yourself!

So let’s get started…

There’s nothing more exciting than decorating the walls in your new home or freshening up an out dated room, perhaps even your office. How about this colorful map wall art piece to bring a room to life! This would make a cool office wall art piece that would truly bring in lots of highlighted colors to any office wall. What do you think…

It’s all a matter of preference in designing the look that makes you feel content with the art pieces you have chosen. As well where you hang the art pieces on your walls and how you pair the pieces together is also important and needs to have some prior planning.

After all… I say it’s all about the finishing touches once your furniture pieces are in place!
A room can appear to be beautifully set up simply by showing a few pieces of creative wall art.

I have found that there are a few places where you can still get art pieces at affordable prices and these stores will allow you to decorate your home and office walls in almost any of your chosen themes. Here’s my top 2 choices:

Both of these online stores have some awesome discounts so it’s really a matter of choosing the piece you like the most after doing your online shopping.

My home and office needs to look like I enjoy using these rooms and your likely thinking the same thing if your visiting my website. I bet you’ll even want to find some outside wall art decor pieces once you have completed your home and office wall designs. Hopefully you feel the same way that I do…

I don’t feel comfortable in a room with just some boring bare walls to stare at and these days wall art can look great because it doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Here’s just a few wall art arrangement ideas from Amazon. These pieces would make great living room wall art pictures displayed behind your couch!

To see some of the best wall decor for the living room click below.

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Cheap Wall Art DecorSantin Art- Modern Abstract Painting the Cloud Tree High Q. Modern Wall Art DecorGraham & Brown 41-539 Watercolor Woods Printed Canvas Wall Art Decor IdeasWall26 Canvas Print Wall Art – Starry Night over The Rhone 


Perhaps creating a new look by replacing some of the older art pieces in a room is necessary. Or maybe adding in some new wall art on those bare walls could help to refresh the room and bring a more positive atmosphere and flow to that space.

Whether you are looking for contemporary wall art decor or abstract wall art decor, there is one thing that is evident and that is that there is a ton of wall art decor ideas out there.

Perhaps your interest lies in the area of wall art decor stickers which can be found here at…Wall Art Decor Amazon.

Finding wall decorations for living room walls  or any other room is easy when you know where to look. As well if you want to find framed art decor you can get it at Amazon as well.

Our focus at On The Wall Art will be to find awesome art pieces in different price ranges from a variety of different areas. How about this one for the office? Click the link to see more details on this art piece and some  other choices.

Whatever the reason is that you have arrived at this website, take some time to have a look around to see if there is an art piece that resonates with you. Once you have found something that you might like, click on the image to go directly to see the art piece highlights and details.

This art piece would look good in a kitchen or dining room..Unique Wine Themed Canvas Wall Art For Kitchen

Unique Wine Themed Canvas Wall Art For Kitchen

by BDMArtisticDesigns

Please do check back often as I will be adding new wall art pieces to this website as I find them so hopefully you’ll be able to find art pieces for a specific room just by clicking on the category listing drop down box above to the right.

What’s Your Preference For Wall Art Decor?

Wall art home decor varies greatly with so many different choices of art ranging from modern wall art, contemporary wall art, abstract wall art and even vintage wall art. Did you know that there is even a type of art called, grafitti wall art?

As I have said before, when it comes to decorating a room what you put up on your wall is really a matter of preference. For the price you can find some great pieces of art on Amazon.


There is no right or wrong way to style each wall in your home or office and you may choose to have no art piece displayed on some of your walls. That’s OK as it all boils down to a matter of individual preference.

I have animation wall art in my living room, but I prefer to have some inspirational wall art in my office like this.

Pyradecor Sunrise Beach Theme 4 panels Seascape Giclee Canvas Prints on Canvas Wall Art Modern Stretched and Framed Pictures Paintings Artwork for Home Decor AH4034Pyradecor Sunrise Beach Theme 4 panels Seascape Giclee Canvas  Contemporary Wall Art Decor­Cao Gen Decor Art-AS40124 5 panels Framed Wall Art Waves Canvas Wall Art Sunset Sea Beach Painting 12Canvas Wall Art Sunset Sea Beach Painting 12


Our games room has a sports theme for wall art however I don’t prefer one room over the other as I feel comfortable in how we have decorated them all.

Wall Art Decor Can Make Any Room Look More Polished

Someone else might like their office to have the safari look on all their walls because they envision themselves fully engulfed in their vacation dream as they are working. Another person may like one wall in their office to be covered in flowers and another wall to have their dream vacation theme or inspirational quotes.

There is no shortage of wall art decor ideas that one could come up with to make a room look great!

I have always loved finding wall art decor for the living room as I spend most of my time there, as well as in my office. There are some lovely pieces here for both of these rooms. Have a look around and see what catches your eye.

Perhaps you can find the wall art decor you have been looking for right here.