When it comes to working at home there is nothing better than to have some inspirational modern wall art home decor. Having an office in your home is different than working in an office building, so the flow of setting the proper mood for working in the home is much easier. Your in control here, it’s not a corporate office, so focus on making this room’s atmosphere inspirational, motivational and welcoming!

It’s a room you’ll spend a lot of time in so make it inviting!

There are quite a few ways to make your home office appear to be more relaxing and inviting like having something to read out loud or to look at so that it picks up your mood when your having a difficult day.

Whether your inspiration comes from reading an awesome poem such as this one below or from a funny dog picture that you made of your own dog to bring a smile to your face, it can all make your day feel just a littlle bit better.

This poem below makes it clear to people how important a quick hello and a smile can make people feel if they are having a bad day and it also clearly makes yourself more aware of when you might also need someone to give you a quick hello & a smile to make you feel better. I hope this poem rings as true for you as it does for me. For the price it’s affordable…click on the image below to view it.

Here’s another picture where you can add your own dogs image to or if you like keep the cute little pug in this one as is…

Perhaps you have a cat, a parrot or a bird that you’d like to add instead…it’s all doableby clicking on the image below. Use your imagination here…these wall art home decor pieces can work in almost any room.

This is a very special animal wall art piece that I designed for some inspirational modern office wall art decor after thinking that it would be nice for your family to highlight the family pet picture in a funny, “if I can do it” way that would make you smile everytime you saw it.

This above wall art design can be customized whereby you can replace the pug image with your own pets image!

Do you have a bird…place their picture in this placeholder area, how about a cat or a rabbit, place their image here as well. This design was inspired for pets but hey… get your imagination working and I am sure that you can even think of how to make a special gift for someone you love. Wouldn’t you be surprised to receive this inspirational and funny wall art piece!

You Can Build Your Own Pet Art Piece or See Other Wall Art Pieces For Your Home Office By Clicking On the Zazzle Link Below

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Having a great wall art deign theme especially for the home office is very important. Although these 2 wall art pieces would look great in the office you might also feel that your pets picture would be nice in a child’s room or that the hello poem might look nice in your living room.

There is no shame in showing off your artistic design. Whatever the reason is for buying these art pieces I am sure you have a good place in mind to put them. Sometimes having wall art home decor out in the open and visible as a conversation piece is a good idea as well.